852.01   Pawnbroker defined.
852.02   License required.
852.03   Qualifications of applicant; license fee; bond.
852.04   Records to be kept; contents and methods.
852.05   Inspection of records and pawned articles by police.
852.06   Dealing with minors, intoxicated persons or thieves.
852.07   Waiting period for sale or pledge of pawned articles.
852.99   Penalty.
   Power to regulate - see Ohio R. C. 715.61
   Pawnbrokers - see Ohio R. C. Ch. 4727
   Falsification - see GEN. OFF. 606.10
   Receiving stolen property - see GEN. OFF. 642.22
   License and permit issuance and revocation - see B. R. & T. Ch. 804