Adult Entertainment Businesses
807.01   Purpose and findings.
807.02   Definitions.
807.03   Sexually Oriented Business Use Commissioner.
807.04   Sexually oriented business licenses generally.
807.05   Form and submittal of sexually oriented business license application.
807.06   Processing of license application.
807.07   Standards for issuance or denial of license.
807.08   Form and submittal of sexually oriented business employee license.
807.09   Inspection by the City.
807.10   Change in information.
807.11   License revocation or suspension.
807.12   Appeal rights.
807.13   Regulations applicable to all sexually oriented businesses.
807.14   Special regulations for adult booths.
807.15   Special regulations for adult cabarets.
807.16   Special regulation for adult stores.
807.17   Special regulations for adult theaters.
807.18   Special regulations for adult motels.
807.19   Transfer of license.
807.20   Administrative record.
807.21   Nuisance declared.
807.22   Computation of time.
807.23   Applicability.
807.99   Penalty.
   Licensing and regulating powers of the Municipality - see Ohio R.C. 715.60 et seq.
   Sex related offenses - see GEN. OFF. Ch. 666
   Pornography - see GEN. OFF. 666.11 et seq.
   Amusements - see B.R. & T. Ch. 812