(a)   The Director of Public Safety is hereby authorized and directed to appoint up to three Chaplains for service to the Police and Fire Divisions at an annual salary of one dollar ($1.00) per year. One Chaplain shall represent each of the three faiths, Catholic, Jewish and Protestant, as the needs of the Divisions dictate.
   (b)   The annual salary for each Chaplain shall be one dollar ($1.00) per year.
   (c)   Chaplains shall be considered as official members of both the Police and Fire Divisions, but shall have authority only in the particular field. They shall not have the power of arrest or any other official power granted to sworn members of both Divisions, nor shall they have any authority with regard to fire and police operations.
   (d)   Chaplains shall be directly responsible to the Director of Public Safety, the Chief of Police and the Fire Chief in whatever category they perform their duties.
   (e)   Chaplains shall have the official title of Chaplains and shall have the honorary rank of Assistant Chief in the Division of Fire and Captain in the Division of Police.
   The Director of Public Safety is hereby authorized to purchase a dress uniform for each Chaplain, such uniform to consist of a dress blouse, dress trousers, white uniform shirt, cap and insignias. Fire boots may also be purchased for each Chaplain.
(Ord. 70-126. Passed 9-21-70.)