(a)   The Director of Public Safety is hereby authorized and directed to hire a City Architect and a Deputy Architect at an annual salary of one dollar ($1.00) each per year plus an hourly rate to be determined from time to time by Council. Such Architects shall be members of the Office of Code Administration and shall be responsible to the Director of Code Administration or his duly authorized representative.
   (b)   The hourly rate of compensation to be determined from time to time by Council shall be paid for time spent by such Architects on City business. However, in no event shall such Architects undertake City business until a purchase order certifying the necessary funds therefor has been submitted to and signed by the City Auditor.
   (c)   Such Architects shall, among other duties, represent the Department of Public Safety, Office of Code Administration, to the extent that such office requires the service of a registered architect to determine whether or not plans submitted for approval conform to Part Fourteen - the Building Code.