General Provisions
   34.001   Board of Fire and Police Commissioners
   34.002   Board of Fire and Police Commissioners rules and regulations adopted by reference
   34.003   Fee for police and fire examination applicants
Police Department
   34.015   Membership
   34.016   Police Chief
   34.017   Deputy Police Chief
   34.018   Other police officials and members
   34.019   Auxiliary, special, and temporary police
   34.020   Powers to arrest; writs
   34.021   Search warrant
   34.022   Neglect of duty
   34.023   Removal from force
   34.024   Retirement
   34.025   Police pension fund
   34.026   City jail
Fire Department
   34.040   Establishment
   34.041   Fire Chief
   34.042   Reserved
   34.043   Other fire officials
   34.044   Residency requirement
   34.045   Vacancies
   34.046   Removal of members
   34.047   Compensation
   34.048   Safety inspection of public buildings
   34.049   Scene of fire
   34.050   Reports
   34.051   Firemen’s Pension Fund
   34.052   Fire protection services outside corporate limits
   34.053   Fire Protection and Training Act; participation
   34.054   Rules, standard operating procedures and guidelines adopted
   34.055   Municipal ambulance service; emergency rescue service charges
   34.056   EMT-P license requirement
Response of Police and Fire Departments to Alarms and Alarm Systems
   34.070   Purpose
   34.071   Definitions
   34.072   Proper alarms systems operation and maintenance
   34.073   Monitoring process
   34.074   Alarm system operating instructions
   34.075   Alarm dispatch request records
   34.076   System performance reviews
   34.077   Assessments
   34.078   Appeals of assessments
   34.079   Violations
Fire Department Rapid Entry Key Lock Box
   34.080   Required
   34.081   Keys required and installation
   34.082   Access
   34.083   Limitation of liability
Private Medical Transportation; Ambulance Service Regulations
   34.090   Definitions
   34.091   Ambulance service license
   34.092   Application procedure
   34.093   Issuance or denial of license
   34.094   Expiration of ambulance service license
   34.095   Renewal application
   34.096   Ambulance service operation requirements
   34.097   EMT requirements
   34.098   Location or change of ambulance service
   34.099   Approval and notification of use and decommissioning of ambulance
   34.100   Change in ownership
   34.101   Provision of ambulance service regardless of ability to pay or location of service
   34.102   Reserved
   34.103   Compliance with emergency dispatch procedures
   34.104   Monitoring emergency dispatch call
   34.105   Immediate emergency response required
   34.106   Response times
   34.107   Penalty for failure to meet response time standards
   34.108   Failure to respond to call
   34.109   Reserved
   34.110   Authority to promulgate ambulance operation emergency dispatch procedures
   34.111   Right to inspect ambulances
   34.112   Fire Chief’s right to authorize service by unlicensed vehicles
   34.113   Fines, suspension or revocation of license
   34.114   Joint training
   34.115   Required data reporting
   34.116   Termination of license
   34.117   Annual license fee review
   34.118   Appeal right
   34.999   Penalty