Ambulance availability, design, and equipment requirements.
   (A)   Each ambulance used or proposed to be used in a licensed ambulance service shall meet or exceed Region 6 requirements now and hereafter as amended.
   (B)   An ambulance shall be considered available for use by the ambulance service if it is fully staffed, equipped, and licensed under the sole control of the ambulance service for its sole use and it is fully operational.
   (C)   On all joint responses within the city the Fire Chief or Police Chief shall be in command of all incidents. The ambulance service shall assimilate into the incident command system and operate with the Medical Division under the medical group. The ambulance service shall maintain authority and responsibility on all patient care matters and decisions.
   (D)   Each ambulance purchased after July 11, 2018 shall meet the respective ambulance services’ uniform color scheme and insignia.
   (E)   All ambulances licensed to operate within the city shall be equipped with radios that have interoperable communications with other local and state agencies.
(Ord. 2018-5406, passed 7-11-2018) Penalty, see § 34.999