§ 34.041 FIRE CHIEF.
   (A)   The Fire Chief shall be the highest-ranking position of the Fire Department. The Fire Commissioner with the advice and consent of the City Council shall appoint and evaluate the performance of the Fire Chief. The person appointed to the position of Fire Chief shall be nominated solely on the basis of training, qualifications and experience in the administration of a fire department. The City Council and the Fire Chief may enter into an employment agreement with respect to terms and provisions of employment that may provide for salary, salary adjustments, fringe benefits, severance provisions, payment and any other remuneration and benefits of office.
   (B)   The Fire Chief shall be the departmental director of the Fire Department. The Chief shall manage affairs of the department subject to general policy guidelines provided by the Fire Commissioner and City Council. The Chief implements departmental strategies consistent with the goals and objectives approved by the City Council. The Chief assigns captains, driver/engineer and firefighters to different tasks and shifts and evaluates performance of all departmental employees.
   (C)   The Fire Chief manages the human resource and financial administration functions of the department in coordination with the City Administrator, City Attorney and Treasurer. The Chief, with the approval of the City Council, prescribes departmental policies and rules as may be necessary to the discipline and efficiency of the fire service. The Chief assists in the negotiation of successor collective bargaining agreements. The Chief has custody of property of the municipality assigned to the Fire Department.
   (D)   Investigation of fires; records. The Chief shall investigate the cause of all fires which shall occur in the city and keep a record of his or her investigation and the circumstances of each case. The Chief shall insure that the department works closely with all law enforcement agencies in the investigation of all fires of a suspicious nature or origin. From such records, the Chief shall make monthly reports to the City Council of activities of the Department.
   (E)   The Fire Chief or his or her designee attends all meetings of the City Council.
   (F)   If a member of the Fire Department is appointed Fire Chief prior to being eligible to retire on pension, he or she shall be considered as on furlough from the rank he or she held immediately prior to his or her appointment as Chief. If he or she resigns as Chief or is not discharged for cause as Chief prior to attaining eligibility to retire on pension, he or she shall revert to and be established in whatever rank he or she currently holds, except for previously appointed positions, and thereafter be entitled to all the benefits and emoluments of that rank, without regard as to whether a vacancy then exists in that rank.
   (G)   A Fire Chief having been appointed from among members of the Fire Department shall be permitted, regardless of rank, to take promotional exams and be promoted to a higher classified rank than he or she currently holds, without having to resign as Fire Chief.
   (H)   The Fire Chief may be removed or discharged from the Fire Chief position with or without cause by the Fire Commissioner according to procedures specified by ILCS Ch. 65, Act 5, § 10-2.1-4. In such case, the Fire Commissioner shall file with the City Council the reasons for such removal or discharge, which removal or discharge shall not become effective unless confirmed by a majority vote of the City Council.
(Ord. 2006-5219, passed 10-3-2006)