(A)   The Chief of the Fire Department shall at least once in every six months inspect or cause to be inspected all public school buildings, public halls, churches and all buildings used for manufacturing purposes and all flats, apartments and tenement houses designed or used for the residence of more than two families, all hotels and lodging houses, for the purpose of determining the safety of the building, the sufficiency of its doors, passage ways or aisles and stairway and generally its facilities for egress in case of fire or other accident happening, the overloading of floors and the storage of combustibles, and shall cause to be prosecuted all violations of law or ordinance, in any way concerning the prevention or extinguishment of fires.
   (B)   The Chief and his or her agents or assistants under his or her direction, are authorized to enter into any premises or buildings in the city at any and all reasonable hours for the purpose of inspection, relative to compliance with the ordinances of the city relating to fire hazards, fire appliances or apparatus.
   (C)   Whenever upon such inspection any building or structure is in any respect liable to become dangerous to life or property in panic, or fire, the Chief shall thereupon issue any orders or directions necessary in his or her judgment to the owner, lessee or occupant of said premises to alter, remove, or remedy same within such reasonable time as the Chief may direct and every owner, lessee and occupant of said premises shall within the time prescribed within said order and direction cause such alteration, removal or other work necessary to be done.
   (D)   In the event of the failure of any owner, lessee or occupant to cause such alteration, removal or remedy or other necessary act, or work necessary to be done in accordance with the order and direction of the Chief and within the time prescribed in said order or direction, the Chief shall cause same to be done or shall close the building, as circumstances may necessitate, and the person so neglect ing to comply with the order and direction of the Chief aforesaid, shall be deemed guilty of a violation of this section. The refusal to comply with the orders of the Chief after the expiration of the time limited in the order and direction shall constitute a separate offense.
(‘68 Code, § 4.09)
   (E)   The Chief of the Fire Department shall examine all buildings and walls reported dangerous, or damaged by fire, or accident and shall when requested by the Commissioner in charge of the department, examine all buildings under application to raze, enlarge, alter or rebuild and make a report of the condition thereof to the Council.
(‘68 Code, § 4.12)