(A)   The total number of ambulance service licenses available to be issued within the city shall be limited to one. The number of licenses shall be reviewed annually by the City Council, and the number of licenses may be increased or decreased by the City Council during such review. Prior to the annual review by the City Council, for each existing license holder, the Fire Chief shall review emergency response business records, written reports of response time performance as required by this subchapter, monthly performance data reports as required by this subchapter, and all other documents of any kind related to a license holder's responses to emergency calls, including any data on total number of calls and the number of calls out-of-town ambulance services have responded to within the city limits and any other documents deemed necessary to make a report and recommendation to the City Council regarding the number of licenses.
   (B)   The license holder shall make its best effort to provide all such information listed in § 34.091 to the Fire Chief within seven days of the Fire Chief’ s written request. The failure of a license holder to provide such information to the Fire Chief, the withholding of any portion of such information from the Fire Chief, or the providing of false or inaccurate information to the Fire Chief shall serve as the basis for the potential fines, suspension or revocation of the license by the Ambulance Review Committee pursuant to § 34.113 of this subchapter, or by the City Council at the annual review.
   (C)   The Fire Chief shall review the information provided, and make a report as to whether each license holder is following the rules of emergency dispatch promulgated by this subchapter, following the provisions of this subchapter, and providing timely and appropriate emergency care to the citizens of Mattoon. The Fire Chief shall provide this report to the City Council prior to the annual review, along with any recommendations he or she may have relating to the increase or decrease in the number of licenses. The Fire Chief may use the information discovered during this review to recommend to fine, suspend or revoke the license of an existing license holder, pursuant to the provisions of § 34.113 of this subchapter.
   (D)   Ambulance service license required; exceptions.
      (1)   Unless a license is specifically not required by this section, no person either as owner,
agent, or otherwise shall furnish, operate, conduct, maintain, advertise, or otherwise engage in ambulance service in the city without a current ambulance service license issued pursuant to this subchapter by the city or in violation of the terms or conditions of the license.
      (2)   No ambulance license is required by:
         (a)   An ambulance service which has no maintenance, dispatch or storage facilities in the city and which does not respond to an emergency within the city; or
         (b)   An ambulance service authorized by mutual aid or in accordance with § 34.112.
         (c)   In the event the ambulance service operates within the city without a license, the city may issue a notice of violation and a fine in the minimum amount of $250 and no more than the general penalty of § 10.99 in the City of Mattoon Code of Ordinances, upon conviction.
(Ord. 2018-5406, passed 7-11-2018; Am. Ord. 2019-5422, passed 9-17-2019) Penalty, See § 34.999