(A)   There is hereby established within the Fire Department of the City of Mattoon, a city ambulance service, under the command of the Fire Chief.
   (B)   The Fire Department, through appropriately trained personnel, shall operate and maintain emergency vehicles for emergency advanced life support rescue transport services and, should it deem necessary, emergency non-transport response.
   (C)   The Fire Department shall provide emergency advanced life support ambulance rescue services.
   (D)   The charges for services shall be those provided for in § 35.01.
   (E)   The Fire Department, with the advice and consent of the City Treasurer, shall establish billing practices and procedures; develop appropriate internal forms for the administration of the billing system; maintain a system of accounts receivable; render statements for services provided; and, administer the collection of unpaid accounts. This authority shall include, subject to approval of the City Council, outsourcing or contracting of ambulance billing services.
   (F)   It is the intention of the City Council that all of the services provided under the authority of this section be deemed “rescue” services as defined by the Local Governmental and Governmental Employees Tort Immunity Act, specifically ILCS Ch. 745, Act 10, §§ 5-101 et seq.
   (G)   The Mattoon Fire Department shall operate the ambulance service in a rotation with the existing ambulance services currently serving the City of Mattoon and the western half of Coles County, including those which may be established in the future.
(Ord. 2022-5446, passed 2-1-2022)