(A)   The application for license as an ambulance service shall be filed with the Fire Chief on a form prescribed and furnished by the Fire Chief. The application shall include but not be limited to the following information:
      (1)   Applicant’s name, address, and trade or other assumed name under which the applicant proposes to operate the ambulance service.
      (2)   Name and address of each owner of the ambulance service or any person or entity with more than 10% ownership.
      (3)   Description of each ambulance to be used in the operations during the period of the license (make, model, year of manufacture, current state license, color scheme and insignia).
      (4)   Address and location from which an ambulance or ambulances will be operated, stored, dispatched or maintained by the ambulance service located in the city.
      (5)   List of personnel of the ambulance service with EMT certification and the personnel’s respective EMT certifications and required training.
      (6)   Name and phone number of the operations manager.
   (B)   An initial application for an ambulance service license shall be accompanied by a $3,500 license fee.
(Ord. 2018-5406, passed 7-11-2018)