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   (Amended by Ord. No. 168,578, Eff. 3/13/93.)
   (a)   If the work authorized by a permit issued pursuant to Sections 64.12 to 64.22, inclusive, of this Code is not commenced within two years from the date of its issuance, such permit shall expire and be canceled. In the event the permit is revoked, canceled or expires, the City shall retain a portion of the permit fee to defray administrative costs in an amount determined and adopted in the same manner as provided in Section 12.37-I,1 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code for establishing fees. If the work authorized by a permit is commenced, it must be prosecuted diligently to completion.
   (b)   The Board may suspend or revoke the permit at any time in the public interest upon receipt of a written request showing good and sufficient cause therefor by the permittee, the owner of the affected property, or other interested party. Any such action shall not be deemed to release any applicable insurance or surety filed pursuant to Section 64.15.1.
   (c)   Any Sewer Connection Permit that has not expired by the effective date of this section shall be given an extended duration of two years from the original date of issuance.