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   (Amended by Ord. No. 162,864, Eff. 11/22/87.)
   There is hereby established a special fund in the City Treasury entitled Sewer Construction and Maintenance Fund. The Council shall designate by ordinance those monies which shall be deposited on a regular basis into the Fund. All monies received from the sale of sewage derived energy shall also be deposited into the Fund as shall operation and maintenance payments received by the City from contracting agencies for sewer services provided by the City. Monies deposited into the fund shall not be subject to reversion to the Reserve Fund.
   Monies deposited into the Fund shall be expended only for sewer and sewage-related purposes including but not limited to industrial waste control and water reclamation purposes and including, but not limited to, funding of the Wastewater System Revenue Bonds Funds created by Section 5.168.1 of the Los Angeles Administrative Code. Expenditures shall be made from the Fund as provided in the General City Budget or by Council resolution unless provided otherwise by ordinance, except however that monies in the fund which were received by the City subject to any limitations on their use may only be expended in accordance with those limitations.
   The Board of Public Works shall cause the necessary demands to be drawn upon monies approved for expenditure pursuant to the section except that expenditures for deposit into (a) the Wastewater System Revenue Bonds Funds shall be made as provided in Section 5.168.2 of the Los Angeles Administrative Code and; (b) the Sewer Operation and Maintenance Fund and Sewer Capital Fund shall be made as provided for in Sections 64.19.3 and 64.19.4 of this Code, without such demands