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   (a)   Waiver of Fees – War Purposes Only. Whenever any officer, agency or instrumentality of the United States of America, engaged in the performance of duties directly related to the prosecution of the war in which the United States is engaged, applies to the Board for a permit for any of the purposes mentioned in Sections 64.12 to 64.22 inclusive, the Board shall waive the payment of any permit or inspection fees, deposits or special charges otherwise required by this article, and may modify the requirements of Section 64.17, if the Board finds that the proposed installation is designed and intended to be used to serve premises or facilities owned or operated by the Federal Government and used principally for purposes directly related to the prosecution of the war.
   (b)   Effect of Grant. The grant of permission to make any such installation, extended under this section, shall not be construed to confer any permanent or vested right to the use of the streets or public property of this City, or to maintain, for a period of more than six months after the termination of the war, any installation made hereunder or any connection with a public sewer, except with the consent of the City Council which may be withdrawn, or extended, upon such terms as the Council may then or at any time thereafter impose. The use, directly or indirectly of any installation made pursuant to this section by anyone other than the applicant and those persons, firms or corporations which have equitably participated with the Federal Government in the cost of said sewer construction or installation as determined by the Board from certified copies of existing contracts between said parties and the Federal Government, shall be subject to such terms and conditions as the City Council may at any time impose.
   (c)   Conveyance of Title to Right of Way – Public Sewer. In the event that the Federal Government and the other parties in interest, as mentioned in Subsection (b) above, shall offer to convey all their respective right, title and interest to any sewer constructed hereunder, including all necessary rights of way for sewer purposes, without cost to the City of Los Angeles, and if the Board finds that the sewer may properly be used as a public sewer, to the substantial advantage of the City, then the Board is authorized to accept said sewer as a public sewer at such time as the Council has accepted all necessary easements therefor and the parties in interest, abovementioned, will be entitled to continue to use said sewer facilities without the payment to the City of any permit or other special fees or charges except those required by Section 64.15.
   (d)   City Engineer Approval Required. No permit shall be granted hereunder unless plans and specifications of the proposed installation have first been submitted to and approved by the City Engineer.