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   (Amended by Ord. No. 184,054, Eff. 3/6/16.)
   (a)   In addition to all other required fees and charges, where the Bureau of Engineering determines that an applicant for a permit pursuant to the provisions of Section 64.12 must construct a connection to a sewer, storm drain or catch basin at a location where there is no existing connection, the Bureau shall charge and collect the following:
   1.   A fee of $74 for each required connection to a storm drain or catch basin.
   2.   Special Inspection Charges pursuant to the provisions of Section 62.05 (a)(1)(cc) for connection to a sewer that is 18 inches in diameter or less.
   (b)   Any permit issued by the Bureau of Engineering that requires an applicant to construct a connection to an existing sewer line at a place where there is no existing connection may impose conditions and requirements for making such connection, and the permit applicant must ensure compliance with all such conditions and requirements. No person shall fail, neglect or refuse to comply with any condition or requirement contained in any permit requiring a connection that is subject to the provisions of this Subsection.
   Conditions and requirements that the Bureau may impose pursuant to the provisions of this Subsection include, but are not limited to, the following:
   1.   Determining the means and methods of making a connection;
   2.   Requiring applicants to connect to a smaller sewer line that has sufficient capacity, if such a line is available;
   3.   Requiring applicants to utilize existing "wye" or "chimney" connections;
   4.   Requiring that a bonded sewer contractor perform work involving sewers 15 inches in diameter or less;
   5.   Requiring house connections to sewer lines 18 inches in diameter or larger to include a private trap; and
   6.   Requiring installation of a backflow device where a plumbing fixture or drain would be lower than the lid elevation of an adjacent maintenance hole cover.