General Provisions
   51.001   Definitions
   51.002   Damaging equipment prohibited
Use of Public Sewers Required
   51.010   Depositing objectionable wastes on public or private property
   51.011   Discharge of sewage prohibited
   51.012   Privies, septic tanks, and the like
   51.013   Connection to public sewer prohibited
   51.014   New customers required to connect onto both sewer and water lines
Building Sewers and Connections
   51.020   Owner responsible for installation of connections; city approval required
   51.021   Permit required
   51.022   Compliance with certain standards required
   51.023   Classes of permits
   51.024   Reserve capacity
   51.025   Costs and expenses of installation and connection
   51.026   Separate building sewer for each building
   51.027   Use of old building sewers with new buildings
   51.028   Size, slope, and alignment of building sewer
   51.029   Location of building sewer
   51.030   Surface runoff or groundwater
   51.031   Connection of building sewer into public sewer
   51.032   Inspection of construction
   51.033   Barricades and lights
Prohibited Discharges; Remedy
   51.040   Discharging into natural outlets prohibited
   51.041   Stormwater and other unpolluted drainage
   51.042   Prohibited discharges
   51.043   Remedy of prohibited discharges
   51.044   Grease, oil, and sand interceptors
   51.045   Maintenance of preliminary treatment facilities
   51.046   [Reserved]
   51.047   [Reserved]
   51.048   Compliance with certain requirements
   51.049   Special agreements
   51.050   Capacity to handle additional waste load required
   51.051   Stormwater disconnection compliance program
Private Sewage Disposal
   51.060   Connecting building sewer to private disposal system
   51.061   Permit required; application and fee
   51.062   Inspection of connection
   51.063   Compliance with state requirements
   51.064   Connection to public sewer required when public sewer becomes available; time limit
   51.065   Maintenance of private disposal systems
   51.066   Additional requirements
Central Service Charge for Use of Waterworks and Sewerage System
   51.067   Fees
   51.068   Calculation and payment of fees
   51.069   Determination of revenue
   51.070   Applicability
   51.071   Use of funds
Water and Wastewater Service Charges
   51.080   Water and sewer charge
   51.081   [Reserved]
   51.082   Notice of rates attributable to wastewater treatment services
   51.083   Access to records
   51.084   Notice of rates attributable to sanitary sewer
   51.085   Revenues
   51.086   Provision for annual review of user charge
   51.087   Charges and rates for surcharge
   51.088   Appeals
   51.089   Schedule
   51.090   Bills
   51.091   Delinquent bills
   51.092   Delinquent charges
   51.093   Lien; notice of delinquency
   51.094   Foreclosure of lien
   51.095   Sewerage fund
   51.096   Accounts
   51.097   [Reserved]
   51.098   [Reserved]
   51.099   Sprinkler meter user
   51.100   Separate water meters for industrial processing
Administration and Enforcement
   51.110   Right of entry for purposes of inspection
Appeals and Hearing Procedure
   51.130   Purpose of subchapter
   51.131   Definitions
   51.132   Notice of procedure
   51.133   Manner of requesting hearing
   51.134   Schedule of hearing
   51.135   Preliminary procedures
   51.136   Conduct of the hearing
   51.137   Burden of proof in certain cases
   51.138   Effect of request for hearing on pending administrative action
   51.139   Decision of the Board of Trustees
   51.998   Notice of violation
   51.999   Penalty
   Appendix:    Applications