General Provisions
   31.001   Reserved
   31.002   Planning and Zoning Commission
   31.003   Police Reserve Force
   31.004   Town Secretary and Town Treasurer
   31.005   Municipal Court of Record
Water and Sanitation Department
   31.020   Creation
   31.021   Rights, powers, and duties
   31.022   Policy and procedures
   31.023   Creation, appointment, and qualifications of Water Commissioner
   31.024   Term of office
   31.025   Removal and vacancy
   31.026   Scope of activities
   31.027   Operational funds
   31.028   Conflict of interest prohibited
   31.029   Reports to City Council
Park and Recreation Commission
   31.070   Establishment
   31.071   Term of office
   31.072   Removal from Commission; vacancies
   31.073   Organization
   31.074   Jurisdiction; scope of activities
   31.075   Funds for operation
   31.076   Assistance by other departments
   31.077   Financial interest by Commission members and employees prohibited
   31.078   Conflicts between Commission and other commissions to be resolved by City Council
   31.079   Commission to file quarterly report with City Council
Police Department
   31.095   Creation
   31.096   Powers and duties of Chief of Police
   31.097   Selection and appointment of members
   31.098   Powers and duties of officers and privates generally
   31.099   Chief to prescribe uniforms, badges, and arms of force; unauthorized wearing of uniform or badge
   31.100   Suspension of officers and employees
   31.101   Reserved
   31.102   Effective date
Code Enforcement Department
   31.115   Creation
   31.116   Powers and duties
   31.117   Reasonable inspection
   31.118   Identification of code enforcement officer
   31.119   Authority to issue citations
Town Administrator
   31.130   Office ratified and defined
   31.131   Appointment; qualifications; compensation
   31.132   Removal or suspension
   31.133   Acting Town Administrator
   31.134   Powers and duties