171.001   General
   171.002   Applicability
   171.003   Validity
   171.004   Duties and Powers of the Health Officer
   171.005   Existing systems
   171.020   General
   171.021   General definitions
General Requirements
   171.035   General
Unsanitary Conditions
   171.050   General
Project Approval Categories
   171.065   General
   171.066   Approval conditions for new onsite wastewater treatment systems
   171.067   Approval conditions for replacement onsite wastewater treatment systems
   171.068   Approval conditions for alterations to properties
   171.069   Approval conditions for repairs to onsite wastewater treatment systems
   171.070   Approval conditions for proposed subdivisions
   171.071   Approval conditions for onsite wastewater treatment systems with atypical flow
   171.072   Approval conditions for non-soil based onsite wastewater treatment systems
   171.073   Approval conditions for the elimination of abandoned onsite wastewater treatment system components
   171.074   Approval conditions for artificial site drainage effectiveness investigation plans
Site Suitability
   171.085   Soil evaluation
   171.086   Soil profile descriptions
   171.087   Minimum soil conditions
   171.088   Soil limitations
   171.089   Conflict
Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Design
   171.100   General
   171.101   Performance objectives for soil based onsite wastewater treatment systems
   171.102   General requirements for soil based onsite wastewater treatment systems
   171.103   Design requirements for Type 1 and Type 2 soil treatment trench systems
   171.104   Design requirements for Type 3 modified mound systems
   171.105   Design requirements for Type 4 at-grade systems
   171.106   Design requirements for Type 5 mound systems
   171.107   Design requirements for drip distribution systems
   171.108   Design requirements for Illinois raised filter bed systems
   171.109   Design requirements for systems with atypical wastewater flow
   171.110   Design requirements for non-soil based systems
   171.111   Design requirements for repairs to onsite wastewater treatment systems
Plans and Other Required Information
   171.125   General
   171.126   Site plan specifications for a new, replacement, or alteration- replacement onsite wastewater treatment system, or an onsite wastewater treatment system with atypical wastewater flow
   171.127   Site plan specifications for a repair to an onsite wastewater treatment system, alterations or additions to properties not requiring replacement of system components, or system component elimination
   171.128   Proposed subdivisions and lot splits
Construction Requirements
   171.140   General
   171.141   Permit and license requirements
   171.142   Soil treatment area preparation
   171.143   Fill placement
   171.144   Excavation
   171.145   Gravel placement
   171.146   Piping installation
   171.147   Backfilling
   171.148   Accessories
   171.149   Inspections
   171.160   General
   171.161   Pretreatment components
   171.162   Lift stations
   171.163   Distribution devices
   171.164   Valves
   171.165   Piping
   171.166   Fill and gravel aggregate
   171.167   Backfill and topsoil cover
   171.168   Items not specified
Licensing, Certification, and Training
   171.180   General
   171.181   Soil classifier/scientist
   171.182   Onsite wastewater treatment system designer
   171.183   Onsite wastewater treatment system installation contractor
   171.184   Onsite wastewater treatment system service provider
   171.185   Onsite wastewater treatment system pumper
   171.186   License application and renewal
Waste Haulers and Septage Disposal
   171.200   General
   171.201   Land application site approval
   171.202   Site management
   171.203   Equipment
   171.204   Inspections
   171.205   Reporting
   171.206   Other requirements
System and System Component Management Activities
   171.220   General
   171.221   Certified pre-treatment components
   171.222   Surface discharging onsite wastewater treatment systems
   171.223   Holding tanks
   171.224   Reporting
   171.235   General
   171.236   Notice of violation
   171.237   Emergencies
   171.238   Revocation of site plan approval
   171.239   Hearings and right to appeal
   171.240   Suspension of licenses
   171.241   Other remedies
Fees and Administrative Procedures/Requirements
   171.255   Fees
   171.256   Applications
   171.257   Plans and plan reviews
   171.258   Variances
   171.259   Hearings
   171.260   Construction approval
   171.261   Other
Relief from Personal Responsibility
   171.275   General
Interpretation and Conflict
   171.290   General
   171.291   State and local requirements
   171.292   Effective date
   Appendix A   Incorporated Materials
   Appendix B   Tables: Soil Resource Groups, Maximum Loading Rates, Treatment Credits and Discharge Effluent Limitations
   Appendix C   Tables: Design Daily Wastewater Flow and System Component Sizing Standards
   Appendix D   Minimum Setback Distances
   Appendix E   Tables: Perforation Discharge Rates, Friction Loss, Illustrations: Deflection, System Design Illustrations by System Type