The Health Officer shall enforce all of the provisions of this chapter and shall act on any question relative to the mode or manner of the design or construction and the materials to be used in the installation of onsite wastewater treatment systems, except as otherwise specifically provided for by statutory requirements, and shall specifically act as follows:
   (A)   Applications and permits. The Health Officer shall receive applications and issue permits for the installation of onsite wastewater treatment systems, inspect the premises for which such permits have been issued and enforce compliance with the provisions of this chapter.
   (B)   Product approvals. The Health Officer shall refuse to approve the use of an onsite wastewater system component, or system, approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health if the use and application fails to meet the minimum requirements of this chapter.
   (C)   Notices and orders. The Health Officer shall issue all necessary notices or orders to remove illegal or unsafe conditions, to require the necessary safeguards during construction, and to insure compliance with all chapter requirements. Any written order posted on premises involved shall not be removed except by order of the Health Officer. Removal without such order shall constitute a violation of this chapter to ensure the health, safety and general welfare of the public. The Health Officer may revoke, by writing, any permit or approval issued contrary to this chapter or based upon a false statement or misrepresentation in the application.
   (D)   Authority to enter premises. The Health Officer, after identification, shall have the authority to enter any property at any reasonable time to inspect any for health and sanitation purposes, and for compliance with the provisions of this chapter. The Health Officer may also make any necessary test, including dye tests or obtaining effluent samples for laboratory analysis, on any property to determine compliance with the provisions of this chapter. The Health Officer is authorized to engage such expert opinion as deemed necessary to report upon unusual technical issues that arise.
   (E)   Licenses. The Health Officer shall issue licenses, after a determination of competence pursuant to the provisions of §§ 171.180 through 171.186 to any person engaged in the evaluation of the soils or in the design, construction, or maintenance of onsite wastewater treatment systems with the County of Lake, and may suspend or revoke any license for cause.
   (F)   Credentials. The Health Officer and authorized representatives shall carry proper credentials of their respective office for the purpose of inspecting any and all systems in the performance of duties under this chapter.
   (G)   Official records. The Health Officer shall keep official records of applications received, permits and certificates issued, fees collected, reports of inspections, and notices and orders issued. Such records shall be retained in the official records so long as the building or structure to which they relate remains in existence unless otherwise provided for.
(Ord. [Bd of Health Ord., Art. V], passed 11-12-1996; Ord. [Bd of Health Ord., Art. V], passed 11-12-2013; Ord. 17-0605, passed 6-13-2017)