§ 171.148 ACCESSORIES.
   (A)   Minimum requirements. Devices and piping employed for the distribution of wastewater into soil treatment components or regulating the flow of wastewater shall be constructed, installed or equipped as established in this section.
      (1)   Equal flow distribution box. When an equal flow distribution box is used to direct wastewater flow to two or more wastewater conveyance pipes, the invert elevation of all outflow pipes shall be leveled with a pre-manufactured cap specifically designed to adjust the flow line of distribution box piping.
      (2)   Perforations. Perforations drilled into low pressure wastewater distribution pipe shall be carefully placed along a straight line, and drilled perpendicular to the apex of the pipe.
      (3)   Other components. Diversion valves, flow control valves, effluent filters or any other component that is located outside of a septic tank or other enclosed buried system component shall be provided with access to final grade sufficient to allow applicable adjustment or maintenance as required.
      (4)   Audio-visual alarm. Pumps, aerobic treatment units, or other mechanical systems shall be provided with an audio-visual alarm, either inside or outside a structure. Electrical wiring and connections shall conform to the current National Electric Code.
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