§ 171.050 GENERAL.
   (A)   Unsanitary conditions. It shall be unlawful and shall be considered an imminent health hazard for any person to permit or cause unsanitary conditions due to: the discharge of wastewater derived from domestic sewage with a laboratory confirmed fecal coliform bacteria concentration of greater than 400 colony forming units (cfu) per 100 ml, directly or indirectly to any wetland, surface waters, ground surface, well or abandoned well; the malfunctioning of an onsite wastewater treatment system or system component that results in wastewater backing up into, or not adequately flowing from a building; allowing the contents of any onsite wastewater disposal system or system component to emit offensive odors or become objectionable so as to be dangerous or prejudicial to health; or allowing an illicit discharge. Further, it shall be unlawful and shall be considered a public nuisance for any person to maintain an onsite wastewater treatment system in a condition that the Health Officer determines is unsanitary, and is detrimental or potentially detrimental to the health and/or safety of the inhabitants of Lake County, Illinois.
   (B)   Abatement order. Upon verification of a failing onsite wastewater treatment system by laboratory analysis, dye testing and/or direct visual observation, the Health Officer shall give written notice to the owner and/or legal occupant responsible for such acts ordering abatement of same. Failure of any person to obey such an abatement order shall also constitute a violation of this chapter. Any person receiving an abatement order may request a hearing as outlined in §§ 176.15 through 176.17.
(Ord. [Bd of Health Ord., Art. V], passed 11-12-1996; Ord. [Bd of Health Ord., Art. V], passed 11-12-2013; Ord. 17-0605, passed 6-13-2017)