§ 171.258 VARIANCES.
   (A)   Variance requests. When compliance with the requirements of this chapter is impossible or impractical, an applicant may request a variance as follows:
      (1)   Written requests. Variance requests shall be in writing and shall detail those conditions where compliance is considered impossible or impractical.
      (2)   Supporting data. Variance requests shall include pertinent data from an appropriately licensed or credentialed person to support the requested waiver of the requirements of this chapter and shall be consistent with the responsibility of the Health Officer to protect and provide for the health, safety, and general welfare of the people and the environment of Lake County and of other affected communities.
         (a)   Public sewer availability. A variance request to install, replace or repair an onsite wastewater treatment system on a property where a public sewer is available, as described in § 171.035(F), shall include documentation that the controlling authority of the public sewer does not object to the granting of the variance and the approval of a OWTS site plan.
   (B)   Review process. The Health Officer shall review variance requests and shall approve or refuse to approve the request within ten working days.
   (C)   Notification. The Health Officer shall notify the person requesting a variance in writing of the approval or denial of the request, and shall state the reasons for the decision.
   (D)   Recording approval of variance. The document issued by the Health Officer approving a variance shall be recorded with the property with the Lake County Recorder of Deeds and shall run with the land.
   (E)   Fee. A fee in accordance with the current fee schedule adopted by the County Board as codified in § 178.01 shall be submitted with a variance request.
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