General Provisions
   92.001   Creation and plat
   92.002   Revised plat
   92.003   Additions to Maple Hill Cemetery; plats
   92.004   Validity
Granting the Right to Bury
   92.015   Authority to grant right to bury
   92.016   Interment permitted by grant only; receiver of fees designated
   92.017   Record of grants
   92.018   Form of conveyance
   92.019   Application for right to bury
   92.020   Installment contract on purchase of lots; failure to make payment
   92.021   Grants issued to a church, lodge or other society
   92.022   Rights of individuals and their survivors
   92.023   Assignment or transfer of lots
Fees and Charges
   92.035   Cost of cemetery lots
   92.036   Charges for opening graves and supervising burials
   92.037   Deposition of receipts from sales and services
   92.038   Costs and rules for purchase and use of columbarium niches
Interments, Disinterments and Removals
   92.050   Subject to city, county and state laws
   92.051   Subject to ordinances
   92.052   Sundays and holidays; fees and charges
Cemetery Rules and Regulations
   92.065   Notice to be given to sexton before interment or disinterment
   92.066   Sexton’s authority when location of interment space in a lot is unobtainable or indefinite or interment space cannot be opened when specified
   92.067   Number of burials allowed in grave, vault, crypt, or niche; exception
   92.068   Opening a casket or touching a body within confines of cemetery
   92.069   Remains of human being only permitted within cemetery
   92.070   Removal of body or remains forbidden; when
   92.071   Removal of body or remains from original plot to another plot permitted; when
   92.072   Charges for cemetery services payable; when
   92.073   City may refuse service on any lot until arrangements for payment have been made
   92.074   Numbering of graves
   92.075   Placement of graves within lots
   92.076   Single graves
   92.077   Care of cemetery
   92.078   Improvements or alterations made without written consent
   92.079   Detrimental, unsightly or inconvenient trees or shrubs; authority of sexton
   92.080   Placement of certain items on plots prohibited
   92.081   Display of American flag
   92.082   Burial in Veterans’ Cemetery
   92.083   Placement of mausoleums on certain plots only
   92.084   Certain areas permitted for use of people visiting cemetery grounds
   92.085   Persons injured within cemetery; city liability
   92.086   Refreshments and lunches prohibited
   92.087   Loitering prohibited
   92.088   Littering prohibited
   92.089   Operation of automobiles
   92.090   Use as thoroughfare prohibited; commercial or business vehicles prohibited without sexton’s permission
   92.091   Dogs prohibited; exception
   92.092   Persons engaged in erecting monuments or other structures
   92.093   Material, machinery or other things for the construction of vaults, mausoleums, monuments or other structures; regulations
   92.094   Progress of work
   92.095   Soliciting memorial business; prohibited
   92.096   Injuring, defacing, removing or destroying certain articles prohibited; cutting, breaking, removing or injuring certain articles by consent of sexton
   92.097   Cemetery equipment
   92.098   Digging of graves
   92.099   Personal property in graves
   92.100   Vault or concrete box
   92.101   City not liable
   92.102   Cemetery hours
Monuments and Markers
   92.115   Central or family memorial; number allowed on lot; placement
   92.116   No memorial may be erected when sexton disapproves
   92.117   Maximum size and placement of memorial allowed on lots
   92.118   Markers; requirements; placement in Blocks A, B, C and D
   92.119   Certain structures, decorations and materials prohibited; abatement by sexton
   92.120   Sexton may stop work of any nature
   92.121   Mausoleums or tombs; placement; materials
   92.122   Private mausoleums; regulations
   92.123   City to regulate all work; assumes responsibility for construction of foundations
   92.124   Undesirable memorial, mausoleum or tomb; abatement
   92.125   Marker requirements in veteran’s cemetery
   92.130   Building of foundation; restricted by weather
   92.131   Foundations; size
   92.132   Foundations; depth; finish
   92.133   Foundation and setting charges; when payable
   92.134   Finishing foundation; notice to sexton
   92.135   Damage to foundations
   92.999   Penalty