(A)   The charge for opening graves during Monday through Friday, except city holidays, shall be $400.
   (B)   The charge for opening graves during Saturday, Sunday and city holidays shall be $500. Scheduled Saturday, Sunday and holiday rate will apply if the burial is before noon on the next business day.
   (C)   The charge for burial of ashes shall be the same as for opening graves.
   (D)   The charge for burial of cremation remains inside a headstone shall be $100.
   (E)   The charge for supervising the placement of an above ground or in-ground mausoleum, payable at the time of setting the foundation, shall be $100.
   (F)   The charge for supervising the setting of foundations for each marker base, payable at the time of setting the foundation, shall be $20 per marker base.
   (G)   The charge for the cemetery sexton or designated employees of the city to oversee and supervise a disinterment shall be $300. The disinterment fee is for bringing the casket/vault to the surface and does not include transportation to a new location or re-interment. The cemetery sexton, or designated employee of the city shall only oversee and supervise the disinterment which must be performed by a private contractor, and only those private contractors approved by the cemetery sexton. Any and all disinterments must be scheduled at a time approved by the cemetery sexton. The city shall not be liable or responsible for any damage to vaults or caskets which may occur in the process of disinterment and re-interment, nor will the city be responsible for or liable for any or all other costs or damages which are associated with any disinterment or reinterment.
   (H)   Disinterment or reinterment in Maple Hill Cemetery on Saturday, Sunday or city holidays shall be done at the discretion of the cemetery sexton.
   (I)   The city and employees of the city will not perform any disinterment from and after the passage of this section.
   (J)   There shall be no fee under § 92.036 for all veterans. The term VETERAN, for the purpose of this section, shall be the same as the definition under 38 U.S.C. § 101(2) which is as follows: the term VETERAN means a person who served in the active military, naval, or air service, and who was discharged or released there from under conditions other than dishonorable.
(1986 Code, § 4.06.020) (Ord. 1379, passed - -1992; Ord. 1571, passed - -2003; Ord. 09-1027-15, passed 10-27-2009; Ord. 15-1110-100, passed 11-10-2015; Ord. 21-0126-243, passed 1-26-2021)