(A)   The form of conveyance may be in the following form:
Know All Men By These Presents, that the City of Fairfield, by                         , Mayor, and                         , City Clerk, party of the first part, for and in consideration of the sum of        dollars, doth hereby grant, bargain and sell to                         , of the County of                         , and State of                         , the following described lot or parcel of land, situated in the Maple Hill Cemetery, and described as follows, to-wit:                                                                           to have and to hold the same to the only proper use and benefit of the party of the second part,                          heirs and assigns forever, for burial purposes only, and subject to the control of the City Council.
                           Dated this                          day of                          A.D. 20       .
                                          CITY OF FAIRFIELD
                                             By                          (Seal)
                                                (City Clerk)
   (B)   This is not the conveyance shown in Ordinance 603, but the form now used by City Clerk.
(1986 Code, § 4.04.040) (Ord. 603, passed 8-19-1947)