(A)   The niches shall sell for $500 each. The total cost must be paid prior to any niche opening.
   (B)   An additional $100 will be charged for any niche which is opened on weekends, holidays or after 4:00 p.m.
   (C)   All niche openings will be scheduled at the sole discretion of the cemetery sexton, and inclement weather may delay each opening at the discretion of the cemetery sexton.
   (D)   If a niche, which has been unused, with a door that has been etched, is sold back to the city, the price of a new door will be deducted from the refund received from the city. The niches will be sold in the order established by the cemetery sexton, and shall be sold so that the horizontal rows of niches will be sold in sequence; however, Niches 1 through 6 inclusive on the east and west sides of Columbarium #2 may be sold out of sequential order.
   (E)   The only decorations on the columbarium may be made by the purchaser of each niche; however, the decorations must be on the door of the niche, and must be etched into the door. Only the ashes from the cremation of one person may be stored in each niche.
   (F)   No animal or pet ashes, or any other object of any type, may be stored in a niche.
   (G)   Niches cannot be re-opened except to transfer the contents to a new site.
   (H)   All lettering etched in the doors must be in “condensed Roman” letters.
   (I)   The concrete foundation of the columbarium is owned by the city and no personal property or decorations of any type will be allowed on the foundation.
   (J)   Any flowers, decorations or personal property brought to the cemetery, at the time of the niche opening and burial ceremony, shall be placed on the ground and will be removed by cemetery personnel within three days.
   (K)   The CINERARY URNS are containers for the ashes and may not exceed 12 inches high by 12 inches wide by 16 inches deep.
   (L)   If the owner of any niche causes any damage or takes any action which is prohibited by these rules, the owner shall be responsible for and liable for the cost to repair or replace the damage. There shall be no objects, personal property, flowers or other decorations of any type allowed on the top of the columbarium. There shall also be no adhesive vases or any other items that may be attached to the niche doors using adhesive or any other method.
   (M)   Niches are to be opened and closed by cemetery personnel only.
   (N)   Cemetery personnel must have at least 24 hours’ advance notice prior to any niche opening or burial ceremony involving the columbarium.
   (O)   The cost for a niche allows the purchaser the right to use the niche for burial purposes only and the niche will always remain the property of the city.
   (P)   After the purchaser of a niche pays the required costs, the City Clerk will issue to the purchaser a permit for the use of a niche with a specific number in the columbarium which is owned by the city. This permit shall entitle the purchaser to perpetual and unlimited use of the niche purchased, subject to all rules and regulations imposed by the city.
(Ord. 09-1027-15, passed 10-27-2009)