(A)   The City Clerk may enter into an installment contract with a proposed purchaser of a grant of the right to bury upon the lot or lots upon the payment of the price of the right, as provided by this chapter, or any amendment thereto, by paying at least 50% down and the balance in equal monthly installments of not more than six months, and upon the payment of the full purchase price in the contract as provided therein the City Clerk shall issue the grant of the right of burial as provided in § 92.018.
   (B)   No interment shall be permitted or memorial placed in or on any property not fully paid for except by special consent of the City Clerk or Sexton of the Cemetery in each and every case. In the event consent is given, any and all interments or memorials placed in or on the property shall be considered as temporary. A note shall not be considered as payment, and no rights shall be acquired by the lot purchaser of the interment or interments until the property is fully paid for in cash, including principal and interest. In case the purchaser of the property shall fail to meet all payments within 30 days after the same are demanded by the city, then the city may re-enter the property and hold the same as of its former estate. The city, thereupon, shall be released from all obligations thereunder, and it may retain payments as may have been made toward the purchase of the property as liquidated damages. The city reserves the right, and shall have the right, immediately or at any time thereafter, after due notice to next of kin, to remove to single graves, to be chosen by the city, each of the remains then interred in the property. The city, further, shall have the right to remove any memorial that has been placed on the property; or the city may leave the body in part of lot and retain title to remainder and re-sell the same.
(1986 Code, § 4.04.060) (Ord. 603, passed 8-19-1947; Ord. 21-0126-243, passed 1-26-2021)