EDITOR'S NOTE: The Dunbar Charter was enacted by Acts 1921, Ch. 7.
Section 1.    Incorporation.
Section 2.    Corporate limits.
Section 3.    Voting precincts.
Section 4.    Municipal officers. (Amended)
Section 5.    Corporate powers generally.
Section 6.    Elections; qualifications of voters.
Section 7.    Provisions for first election.
Section 8.    Repealed.
Section 9.    Compliance with State law.
Section 10.    Date and frequency of elections.
Section 11.    Place of elections; general procedures.
Section 12.    Registration of voters.
Section 13.    When duties begin; terms of office; tie votes.
Section 14.    Compliance with W. Va. Code Ch. 3.
Section 15.    Repealed.
Section 16.    Presiding officer of Council; duties of Mayor and Clerk.
Section 17.    Council to have legislative functions; right to demand information.
Section 18.    Audit of books and accounts; publication of audit report.
Section 19.    Removal of officers.
Section 20.    Rules and regulations of Council; record of meetings; public inspection of books and records.
Section 21.    Council meetings; time and place.
Section 22.    Special meetings.
Section 23.    Contested elections.
Section 24.    Oaths of officers.
Section 25.    Bonds of officers.
Section 26.    Quorum.
Section 27.    How vote taken in Council.
Section 28.    Minutes of Council meetings.
Section 29.    Holding two offices; terms of office.
Section 30.    Failure of officer to appoint.
Section 31.    Vacancies in office.
Section 32.    Malfeasance of officers.
Section 33.    Attendance of witnesses; production of books, etc.; punishing contempts.
Section 34.    Absence or inability of officers.
Section 35.    Qualifications of Mayor and City Clerk; salaries; powers and duties of Mayor generally; duties of City Solicitor and City Clerk; terms of office.
Section 36.    Powers and duties of Manager; salaries of officers and employees not otherwise provided for.
Section 37.    Franchises; conditions for granting.
Section 38.    Additional conditions.
Section 39.    Power of Council to appoint committees; power and authority of committees.
Section 40.    Ordinances; style.
Section 41.    Procedures for enactment.
Section 42.    Recordation; adoption of code of laws and ordinances.
Section 43.    Officers to be conservators of the peace.
Section 44.    Police judge; General powers and duties.
Section 45.    Age and residency requirements; absence or inability to perform duties.
Section 46.    Rights of arrested person.
Section 47.    Nuisances.
Section 48.    Contents of privies, etc., to empty into drainage system.
Section 49.    Sidewalks.
Section 50.    Taxation; Duties of Council generally.
Section 51.    Authority to tax property, vehicles for hire, dogs, etc.
Section 52.    Method of collection.
Section 53.    Power of City Collector.
Section 54.    Property which is liable for tax; distraint.
Section 55.    Lien upon property for City taxes.
Section 56.    Certification of liens to State Auditor.
Section 57.    Taxes for roads; support of poor; jurisdiction over roads, bridges, ferries, etc.
Section 58.    Depositing City funds.
Section 59.    Authority to issue bonds; public utilities, Municipal buildings, etc.
Section 60.    Streets and alleys; sewers.
Section 61.    Improvement of streets and alleys; assessments on abutting owners.
Section 62.    Construction of public sewers; assessments on abutting owners; requirement to connect to sewer; priority of certain liens; cost of drains included in assessment.
Section 62a.    Authority to construct sewers; definitions; assessment of costs; requirement to connect to sewer; priority of certain liens.
Section 63.    Resolution relating to street improvements.
Section 64.    Notice to owners.
Section 65.    Cost of paving certain intersections.
Section 66.    Bonds to pay for improvements; limitation on indebtedness.
Section 67.    Hearing concerning improvements; contents of resulting ordinance.
Section 68.    Assessments valid and binding; notice of passage of resolution relating to sewers.
Section 69.    Council vote necessary for public improvements.
Section 70.    Payment of assessments for improvements passing through or by public structure or public grounds.
Section 71.    Costs included in assessments.
Section 72.    Filing of statement of damages.
Section 73.    Liberal construction of proceedings with respect to improvements.
Section 74.    Voter approval for bond issues; annual bond elections.
Section 75.    Authority to erect, buy, etc., buildings for City government; authority to establish hospitals, libraries, etc.
Section 76.    Fire Department; Civil Service Board; examinations.
Section 77.    Appointment of certain personnel.
Section 78.    Members of Fire and Police Departments not to engage in certain elections; penalty.
Section 79.    Hearing of charges against members of Fire Department; action by Council after hearing.
Section 80.    Manner of serving notice.
Section 81.    Duties of City Clerk in relation to elections.
Section 82.    Appointment, removal and general duties of police.
Section 83.    Repealed.
Section 84.    Monthly report by Manager.
Section 85.    Additional method of improving streets and alleys.
Section 86.    Procedure when assessment has been made against wrong person.
Section 87.    Additional method for construction, etc., of sidewalks.
Section 88.    Additional method of improving streets and alleys.
Section 88b.    Additional method for construction of sewers.
Section 88c.    Subdivision of land for purpose of assessment for improvements.
Section 89.    Authority to issue process; filling vacancy in office of Police Judge.
Section 90.    Effective date of ordinances; title of ordinance.
Section 91.    Health Commissioner.
Section 92.    Police matron.
Section 93.    Codification of ordinances.
Section 94.    Cemeteries.
Section 95.    Building Inspector.
Section 96.    Power to buy, sell or exchange property for street and alley improvement.
Section 97.    Effective date of Charter.
Section 98.    Repeal of inconsistent acts.