Whenever it is deemed expedient by the Council of said City to provide for the grading, paving, sewering or macadamizing, or otherwise improving any street or alley therein to be paid for in whole or in part by special assessment, said Council shall declare by resolution, by aye and no vote, the necessity of such improvement. At the time of passage of said resolution the said Council shall have on file in the office of the City Clerk plans, specifications, estimates and profiles of the proposed improvements showing the proposed grade of the street and improvements, after completion, with reference to the property abutting thereon, which plans, specifications, estimates and profiles shall be open for the inspection of all persons interested. Said resolution shall determine the general nature of the improvements, what shall be the grades of the street, alley or other public place to be improved, as well as the grade or elevation of the curb, and said Council shall approve the plans, specifications, estimates and profiles for the proposed improvement. The Council shall also determine in said resolution the method of paying for the work contemplated in said plans and specifications, whether by an appropriation from the funds in the Treasury unappropriated, or whether bonds shall be issued in anticipation of the collection of special assessments, to be made against the abutting property owners, as provided for in Section sixty of this Charter. Said resolution shall further show the approximate estimated cost of said proposed improvement per front foot, and shall fix a date at some meeting of the Council, on which the owners of property to be assessed for such improvement may appear and protest against the same or be otherwise heard in reference thereto. Assessments shall be payable in ten installments as provided for in said sixty and sixty-first sections. The resolution herein provided for declaring the necessity for said improvements shall be published at least once a week, for two successive weeks after its adoption, in some newspaper of general circulation in the City and an affidavit of the publisher showing publication for such time together with a copy of said notice attached, shall be filed with the City Clerk of the said City and spread upon the record of the minutes of the next meeting of the Council, said resolution shall be in effect from and after the first publication thereof as herein provided for.