The corporate limits of said City shall be as follows: Beginning at a stone monument on the south side of county road at stop twelve on the Dunbar car line; thence to top of ridge 729 feet to a stake; thence west 2,200 feet to a black oak tree; thence 80 degrees, 32 minutes west to a black oak tree on the west point of ridge; thence across a hollow, north 60 degrees, 19 minutes west, 250 feet to a stake on Reservoir Hill; thence north 82 degrees 43 minutes west 376 feet to a stake 19 feet north of the northwest corner of reservoir property; thence north 42 degrees 12 minutes west, 628 feet to the northwest corner of J. A. Munday property; thence north 74 degrees, 35 minutes west, 689 feet to a stake on point of ridge; thence north 52 degrees, 04 minutes west, 170 feet to a beech tree; thence across hollow at head of Smith Street, north 51 degrees, 55 minutes west, 930 feet to a black oak tree on the edge of plateau; thence along edge of plateau, north 57 degrees, 37 minutes west, 549 feet to an iron pipe on the west point of plateau; thence north 29 degrees, 30 minutes west, 624 feet to a stake on the east side of Dutch Hollow; thence north 48 degrees, 25 minutes, west 478 feet to a sycamore tree on the east side of creek in Dutch Hollow; thence from sycamore tree in Dutch Hollow west to top of hill 450 feet to an iron pipe; thence south 373 feet to a stake on the south side of county road; thence along south side of county road north 35 degrees, 06 minutes, west 93 feet; thence north 41 degrees, 10 minutes west 211 feet; thence north 29 degrees, 05 minutes west 52 feet to east line of lower Guthrie tract; thence with the same south 34 degrees, no minutes west 3490 feet to Kanawha River; thence following the low water mark Kanawha River in an easterly direction 11,840 feet to a stake; thence, northeast 420 feet to a place of beginning. All measurements included in the above description are surface measurements.