Division 1. Generally
9-14-321.600: Prohibited In Specified Places
9-14-321.601: Loading Zones
9-14-321.602: Parking Prohibited On Designated Streets Or Portions Thereof
9-14-321.603: Parking Restrictions In School Areas
9-14-321.604: Parallel Parking Required; Exceptions For Angle Parking
9-14-321.605: Bus Stops Or Passenger Zones
9-14-321.606: Reserved
9-14-321.607: Parking In Front Of Others' Residences
9-14-321.608: Parking Restrictions For Semitrailers On Designated Streets Or Portions Thereof
9-14-321.609: Parking Restriction For Trucks And Trailers On Designated Streets Or Portions Thereof
9-14-321.610: Loading And Unloading In Business Districts To Be Done In Alley Where Possible
9-14-321.611: Parking In Fire Lanes
9-14-321.612: Parking In Parking Lots
9-14-321.613: Backing For Purposes Of Parking In Business Districts
9-14-321.614: Parking Vehicles For Purposes Of Sale Or Storage Prohibited; Special Permits Authorized
9-14-321.615: Parking Of Advertising Vehicles
9-14-321.616: Reserved Service Vehicle Parking
9-14-321.617: Reserved Parking For City Employees
9-14-321.618: Parking In Alleys
9-14-321.619: Reserved Law Enforcement Vehicle Parking
9-14-321.620: Parking On Private Property Without Consent Of Owner
9-14-321.621: Parking Violations; Fines
9-14-321.622: Parking Violations; Posting Bond
9-14-321.623: Parking Violations; Effect Of Specific Sections
9-14-321.624: Parking Violations; Removal Of Certain Vehicles Authorized; Prerequisites To Release
9-14-321.625: Parking Violations; Evidentiary Effect Of Registration Plates
9-14-321.626: Reserved Fire Department Parking
9-14-321.627: Alternate Side Street Parking
Division 2. Municipal Parking Ramps
9-14-321.631: Fee Collection And Traffic Regulation Devices
9-14-321.632: Manner Of Parking In Spaces
9-14-321.633: Backing Into Spaces
9-14-321.634: Trucks Restricted
9-14-321.635: Height Of, Projections On Vehicles Restricted
9-14-321.636: Parking Time Restricted; Reserved Spaces
9-14-321.637: Reserved Parking Space Restrictions
9-14-321.638: Repairs, Maintenance Of Vehicles
9-14-321.639: Hours Of Operation
9-14-321.640: Fees And Charges
9-14-321.641: Parking Without Paying Required Fee Prohibited; Exception
Division 3. Municipal Parking Lots
9-14-321.642: Designated; Lots
9-14-321.643: Meters; Installation Authorized And Directed
9-14-321.644: Meters; Manner Of Construction, Installation, And Marking
9-14-321.645: Meters; Time And Fee Schedule For Specific Lots
9-14-321.646: Meters; Deposit Of Coins Required At Certain Times
9-14-321.647: Unlawful To Use Slugs
9-14-321.648: Meters; Defacing, Tampering
9-14-321.649: Establishment Of Spaces; Parking Within Spaces Required
9-14-321.650: Overtime Parking Prohibited
9-14-321.651: Establishing Special Use Fees For Municipal Parking Lots
9-14-321.652 - 9-14-321.660: Reserved
Division 4. Parking Meters
9-14-321.661: Definitions
9-14-321.662: Installation Authorized And Directed; Time Restrictions
9-14-321.663: Manner Of Construction, Installation, And Marking
9-14-321.664: Spaces
9-14-321.665: When Operation Is Required
9-14-321.666: Municipal Parking Meter District Established
9-14-321.667: Fee Schedule
9-14-321.668: Maximum Parking Times
9-14-321.669: Exemption Of Persons Holding Resident Parking Permits From Specific Sections
9-14-321.670: Unlawful To Use Slugs
9-14-321.671: Defacing, Tampering With Prohibited
9-14-321.672: Prepaid Parking Meter Hoods/Placards
9-14-321.673 - 9-14-321.680: Reserved
Division 5. Restrictions During Snow Removal
9-14-321.681: Parking So As To Interfere With Plowing Or Removal Prohibited
9-14-321.682: Snow Route, Restricted Parking
9-14-321.683: Declaration Of Emergency
9-14-321.684: Parking Lots
9-14-321.685: Removal Of Obstructing Vehicles
9-14-321.686 - 9-14-321.699: Reserved
Division 6. Parking Spaces For The Disabled
9-14-321.700: Purpose
9-14-321.701: Findings Of Fact
9-14-321.702: Special Parking Places Designated
9-14-321.703: Designation Of Parking Places Generally; Specifications For Angular Parking For Disabled Persons
9-14-321.704: Disability Signs Required
9-14-321.705: Prohibited Use Of Parking Places Or Identification Devices
9-14-321.706: Authority To Impound Vehicles Parking In Violation Of Division
9-14-321.707: Business District
9-14-321.708: Temporary Disabled Person Parking Meter Hoods
9-14-321.709: Reserved Time Designated Disabled Person Parking Stalls
9-14-321.710: Special Prepaid Parking Permits For Specific Wheelchair Dependent Disabled Persons
9-14-321.711 - 9-14-321.719: Reserved
Division 7. Residential Parking Permit Program
9-14-321.720: Intent And Purpose
9-14-321.721: Definitions
9-14-321.722: Residential Parking Permit Program Established
9-14-321.723: Posting Of Residential Parking Permit Signs
9-14-321.724: Notice To Residents Of Designation Of Residential Parking Permit District
9-14-321.725: Issuance Of Residential Parking Permit
9-14-321.726: Renewal Of Residential Parking Permit
9-14-321.727: Transfer Of Residential Parking Permit
9-14-321.728: Responsibility Of Permit Holder
9-14-321.729: Exceptions
9-14-321.730: Waiver Of Residential Parking Permit Regulations
9-14-321.731: Withdrawal Of Designation Of Residential Parking Permit District
9-14-321.732: Prohibited Acts
9-14-321.733: Residential Parking Permit District A
9-14-321.734: Residential Parking Permit District B
9-14-321.735: Residential Parking Permit District C
9-14-321.736: Residential Parking Permit District D
9-14-321.737: Residential Parking Permit District E
9-14-321.738: Residential Parking Permit District F
9-14-321.739: Residential Parking Permit District G
9-14-321.740: Residential Parking Permit District H
9-14-321.741: Home Healthcare Providers