603A.01   Findings
603A.02   Exotic Animal Defined
603A.03   Keeping an Exotic Animal Without a Permit Prohibited
603A.04   Exemptions
603A.05   Personal Possession Permit; Fee
603A.06   Referral of Application
603A.07   Identification Number
603A.08   Care and Treatment of Exotic Animal Held Under Permit
603A.09   Insurance; Signs; Notification
603A.10   Inspections
603A.11   Rabies
603A.12   Appeal from Denial or Revocation of a Permit
603A.13   Violation Notices; Seizure of Exotic Animals Kept in Violation of this Chapter
603A.14   Facilities Housing Reptiles
603A.15   Public Contact with Exotic Animals Restricted
603A.16   Disposition of Exotic Animals
603A.17   Snakes in Multi-Family Residences Prohibited
603A.18   Severability
603A.99   Penalties