603.01   Animals or Fowl at Large
603.02   Unmuzzled Dogs at Large; Duty to Report
603.03   Impounding Dogs, Cats, and Domestic Animals
603.031   Adoption of Dogs and Cats from the City Kennel
603.032   Seizure and Impoundment of Animals for Fights, Poisoning, Cruelty, Neglect or Tethering; Hearing
603.04   Dog Nuisances
603.041   Disposal of Dog Waste
603.05   Annual Registration of Dogs; Tags Required
603.06   Abandoning Animals
603.07   Killing or Injuring Animals
603.071   Assault Upon Police Dogs Prohibited
603.072   Illegal Fights Between Animals
603.08   Poisoning Animals
603.09   Cruelty to Animals
603.091   Neglect of Animals
603.092   Tethering Animals
603.10   Coloring Rabbits or Baby Poultry; Sale or Display of Poultry
603.11   Large Cats
603.12   Report of Escape of Exotic or Dangerous Animal
   Animal bites: reports and quarantine, CO 205.01
   Animal enclosure restrictions, CO 347.02
   Animals injuring trees, CO 509.12
   Animals prohibited at airports, CO 571.12
   Animals prohibited from food handling premises, CO 241.10
   Carrier pigeon regulations, CO 205.03
   Control of dogs and other animals in parks, CO 559.33
   Deposit of dead animals, CO 551.14
   Disturbing animal noises, CO 605.10
   Disturbing animals or wildlife in parks, CO 559.41
   Nuisance conditions, CO 205.02
   Removal of dead animals; notice, CO 551.15
Statutory reference:
   See sectional histories for similar State law
   Dog registration, RC 955.01
   Owner or keeper liable for damages, RC 951.10