615.01   Definitions
615.02   Falsification
615.03   Compounding a Crime
615.04   Failure to Report a Crime, Injury or Knowledge of Death
615.05   Failure to Aid a Law Enforcement Officer
615.06   Obstructing Official Business
615.07   Obstructing Justice
615.08   Resisting Arrest
615.09   Personating an Officer
615.091   Impersonation of Peace Officer or Private Policeman
615.10   Having an Unlawful Interest in a Public Contract
615.11   Soliciting or Receiving Improper Compensation
615.12   Dereliction of Duty
615.13   Interfering with Civil Rights
615.14   Copying Police and Fire Uniforms
615.15   Giving False Information to Enforcement Agents
615.16   Operation of Telephone Alarm Systems
615.17   Unauthorized Display of Law Enforcement Emblems on Motor Vehicles
615.18   Use of City Resources for Construction and Maintenance of State Penal and Reformatory Institution Prohibited
615.19   Fire Damage to Motor Vehicles Required to be Reported
Charter reference:
   Financial interest in contracts, Charter § 195
   Certification of death, CO 233.01
   Claims against City for damages suffered in crime prevention or apprehension of criminals, CO 155.03
   Director of Public Safety to make monthly crime statistics report to Council, CO 135.02
   Disposition of property held by Division of Police, CO 601.14
   Financial interest in contracts, CO 171.38
   Law enforcement officer defined, CO 601.01
   Making false alarms, CO 605.07
   Misconduct at an emergency, CO 605.05
   Refusal to obey subpoena or produce evidence, CO 111.08
   Resisting police in parks, CO 559.55
   Unlawful discriminatory conduct, CO Ch. 667
Statutory reference:
   See sectional histories for similar State law