605.01   Riot
605.011   Inciting to Riot
605.02   Failure to Disperse
605.03   Disorderly Conduct; Intoxication
605.031   Aggressive Solicitation – Repealed
605.04   Disturbing a Lawful Meeting
605.05   Misconduct at an Emergency
605.06   Inducing Panic
605.07   Making False Alarms
605.071   Improper Use of 9-1-1 Telephone System
605.08   Criminal Activity on School Property
605.09   Unlawful Congregation
605.10   Unnecessary Noise
605.11   Misconduct Involving a Public Transportation System
605.12   Mufflers on Engines
605.13   Public Intoxication
605.14   Minor’s Curfew
605.141   Children of Compulsory School Age to be in Attendance at School; Parental Duty Imposed
605.142   Children Suspended or Expelled from School to Remain Under Supervision; Parental Duties Imposed
605.143   Parental Education Neglect
605.15   Employment of Strikebreakers
605.16   Prohibited Use of Mounted Police in Labor Dispute
605.17   Prohibiting Use of Police Dogs in Labor Disputes
   Amusement park noise, CO 687.05
   Criminal trespass, CO 623.04
   Disorderly behavior prohibited in parks, CO 559.45
   Disorderly conduct at airports, CO 571.18
   Disorderly conduct in dance halls, CO 690.09
   Loitering near taxicabs, CO 443.30
   Muffler noise, CO 437.20
   Pictures inciting race violence, CO 667.02
   Public dances causing excessive noise, CO 690.12
   Regulations for behavior at markets, CO 553.08
   Unfair labor practice defined, CO 661.01
Statutory reference:
   See sectional histories for similar State law
   Cordoning off riot areas, prohibiting sales of firearms and explosives, RC 3761.16
   Emergency suspension of permits and sales by Director of Liquor Control, RC 4301.251
   Use of force to suppress riot, RC 2917.05