613.01   Definitions
613.02   Litter on Public Property; Feeding Birds
613.03   Placement of Litter in Receptacles to Prevent Scattering
613.04   Upsetting Public or Private Receptacles
613.05   Depositing Litter Grass or Leaves in the Street
613.06   Littering From Motor Vehicle
613.07   Truck Loads Causing Litter
613.08   Litter in Parks
613.09   Litter in Lakes, Rivers and Watercourses
613.10   Discharging Oily Refuse
613.11   Throwing or Distributing Handbills in Public Places
613.12   Placing Commercial and Noncommercial Handbills on Vehicles
613.13   Litter on Occupied Private Property
613.14   Owner to Maintain Premises Free of Litter
613.15   Litter on Vacant Land
613.99   Penalty
   Depositing garbage on public or private property, CO 551.26
   Drifting debris prohibited on City waters, CO 483.03
   Littering at airports, CO 571.16
   Littering enforcement by Traffic Engineering and Parking Division employees, CO 403.08
   Obstructions and trash in parks, CO 559.29
   Vehicle loads dropping or leaking, CO 439.11