577.01   Enforcement of Provisions
577.02   Passage through Draws
577.03   Signals on Drawbridges
577.04   Signals from Vessels at Drawbridges
577.05   Duties of Bridge Tenders
577.06   Red Signal at Bridges
577.07   Closing Bridges against Vessels
577.08   Ten Minute Periods for Opening and Closing Bridges
577.09   Hours when Drawbridge Closed for Traffic
577.10   Closing Bridges for Fire Apparatus
577.11   Funeral Processions
577.12   Cases of Danger or Inability to Open Bridge
577.13   Defacing, Damaging or Climbing on Bridges
577.14   Rubbish under Viaducts; Posting Bills
577.15   Fixed Bridges Prohibited
577.16   Bridges Required to Have Draws or Swings
577.99   Penalty
   Note: The legislative history of this chapter, except where specifically noted at the end of a section, is as follows: Ordinance No. 63410-A, passed September 22, 1924.
   Blowing whistles near bridges, CO 573.35
   Bridges in harbor, Cuyahoga River areas, CO 573.20 et seq.
   Harbor boundaries, CO 573.07
   Locomotive operation on drawbridges, CO 631.07
   Obstructing drawbridges, CO 573.23
   Publication of ordinances relating to bridges and viaducts, CO 573.17
   Vessels running against piers, bridges or viaducts, CO 573.24