631.01   Maximum Speed; Crossing Safety Protection
631.02   Engines Emitting Smoke or Steam
631.03   Nonobservance of Signals or Gates
631.04   Minimum Distance from Track after Warning
631.05   Use of Bell on Locomotive
631.06   Unnecessary Obstruction of Streets
631.07   Operation on Drawbridges
631.08   Rules and Regulations for Railroads
631.09   Installation of Automatic Gates and Flash Signals
631.10   Enforcement
631.11   Crossing Signs
631.12   Occupied Streets to be Cleaned by Railroads
631.13   Permit to Establish Crossings
631.14   Roadway Maintenance near Tracks
631.15   Notice; Removal of Tracks
631.16   Lighting Crossings at Grade
631.17   Manner and Time of Lighting
631.18   Lighting of Bridges, Structures and Underpasses
631.19   Notice to Install Lights
631.20   Evidence of Compliance with Lighting Regulations
631.21   Conditions when Railroad Relieved of Lighting Requirements
631.22   Crossings Regulated
631.23   Railroad or Switch Track Construction Permit Application and Fee
631.24   Permit for More than One Year Granted by Ordinance; Bond
631.25   Permit for Temporary Use; Bond
631.26   Crossing Frogs
631.27   Failure to Pay Fine
631.99   Penalty
   Note: The legislative history of this chapter, except where specifically noted at the end of a section, is as follows: Ordinance No. 63410-A, passed September 22, 1924.
   Criminal mischief, CO 623.03
   Driving across grade crossing, CO 431.39, 439.06
   Locomotive air contaminant emissions regulated, CO 265.01
   Stopping at grade crossing, CO 431.40
   Vehicular homicide, CO 621.02
Statutory reference:
   See sectional histories for similar State law
   Lighting railroads, RC 723.33 et seq.
   Power to regulate train speed, RC 723.48