623.01   Arson
623.02   Criminal Damaging or Endangering
623.03   Criminal Mischief
623.04   Criminal Trespass
623.041   Aggravated Trespass
623.05   Trespass on RTA Property
623.06   Destruction of Shrubs, Trees or Crops
623.07   Desecration
623.08   Vandalism of Vacant Buildings and Structures
623.09   War Memorial Vandalism
623.091   Vandalism to Police and Firefighter Memorials
623.10   Spray Painting Property
623.101   Selling or Furnishing Aerosol Containers of Paint to Minors Prohibited
623.102   Purchase or Possession of Aerosol Containers of Paint by Minors Prohibited
623.11   Defacing and Removing Signs
623.12   Posting on Private Property Without Consent
623.13   Notices or Signs on Public Property Prohibited; Removal
623.131   Banners Prohibited Over Certain Highways
623.14   Removal of Political Signs
623.15   Criminal Damage to Swimming Pools
623.16   Ethnic Intimidation
623.161   Intimidation of a Homeless Person
623.17   Criminal Damage to Parks and Recreational Facilities
   Airport property damage, CO 571.10
   Defacing, damaging or climbing on bridges, CO 577.13
   Defacing notices of park rules prohibited, CO 559.51
   Desecration of U.S. flag, CO 105.10
   Physical harm to property defined, CO 601.01
   Vehicle trespass, CO 625.07
Statutory reference:
   See sectional histories for similar State law
   Parents’ liability for destructive acts of their children, RC 3109.09