617.01   Definitions
617.02   Sales to and Use by Minors; Securing Public Accommodations
617.021   Purchase, Consumption or Possession by Minor; Misrepresentation
617.03   Sales to Intoxicated Persons
617.04   Liquor Consumption in Motor Vehicle
617.05   Permit Required
617.06   Printed Warnings to be Posted
617.07   Open Container Prohibited; Exception
617.08   Hours of Sale or Consumption
617.09   Bottle Clubs
617.10   Conveying Intoxicating Liquors or Drugs into Hospital
617.11   Selling or Dispensing Beer or Liquor in Certain Public Premises
617.12   Consumption of Intoxicating Liquor in Parks and Recreational Facilities
   Disorderly conduct; intoxication, CO 605.03
   Intoxicant use prohibited while operating motor vehicle at airport, CO 571.25
   Intoxicating liquors at markets, CO 553.07
   Renting vessels to intoxicated persons, CO 573.40
   Renting watercraft to intoxicated persons, CO 485.17
   Use or sale of intoxicating liquor in parks, CO 559.46
   Using weapons while intoxicated, CO 627.04
   Watercraft operation under influence of alcohol or drug of abuse, CO 485.03
Statutory reference:
   See sectional histories for similar State law
   Local option, RC 4301.32 et seq., 4303.29
   Prohibiting sale of intoxicating liquor on Sunday, RC 4301.22