627.01   Definitions
627.02   Carrying Concealed Weapons
627.03   Reserved
627.04   Using Weapons While Intoxicated
627.05   Improperly Handling Firearms in a Motor Vehicle
627.06   Failure to Secure Dangerous Ordnance
627.07   Improperly Providing Access to Firearms to a Minor
627.08   Underage Purchase of Handgun
627.09   Improperly Discharging a Firearm on or near Prohibited Premises
627.10   Prohibited Weapons on School Property; Duty to Notify Police
627.11   Possessing Certain Weapons at or about Public Places
627.12   Seizure and Confiscation of Deadly Weapon
627.13   Reporting Transfers of Firearms
627.14   Defacing Identification Marks of Firearms; Possessing Defaced Firearm
627.15   Unlawful Transactions in Weapons
627.16   Prohibition Against Transferring Firearms or Dangerous Ordnance to a Felon or Intoxicated Person
627.17   Voluntary Surrender of Firearms and Dangerous Ordnance
627.18   Reporting Lost or Stolen Firearms
627.19   Facsimile Firearms
627.20   Conveyance or Possession of an Object Indistinguishable from a Firearm in a School Safety Zone
627.21   Sale of Long-bladed Pocket Knives
627.22   Sale or Possession of Sling Shots and Pea Shooters
627.23   Unlawful Display of Weapons
627.24   Possession or Use of Stench Bombs
627.25   Tear Gas Guns
627.26   Containers of Combustibles
627.27   Jump Traps
   Note: This chapter was replaced in its entirety by Ordinance No. 931-14, passed 4-20-15 and effective 4-21-15.
   Property destruction by tear gas device, etc., CO 623.03
   Reporting gunshot and stab wounds, CO 615.04
   Use of firearms and explosives at airports restricted, CO 571.20
   Use of firearms in parks prohibited, CO 559.40
Statutory reference:
   See sectional histories for similar State law
   License or permit to possess dangerous ordnance, RC 2923.18