Chapter 601   General Provisions and Penalty
   Chapter 602   Facial Coverings and Social Distancing During the COVID-19 Pandemic
   Chapter 603   Animals and Fowl
   Chapter 603A   Exotic Animals
   Chapter 604   Dogs That Pose a Threat to Public Safety
   Chapter 605   Disorderly Conduct and Activity
   Chapter 607   Drug Abuse Control
   Chapter 609   Family Offenses
   Chapter 611   Gambling
   Chapter 613   Littering
   Chapter 615   Law Enforcement and Public Office
   Chapter 617   Liquor Control
   Chapter 618   Liquor Permit Manager Registry
   Chapter 619   Obscenity and Sex Offenses
   Chapter 621   Offenses Against Persons
   Chapter 623   Property Offenses
   Chapter 625   Theft and Fraud
   Chapter 627   Weapons
   Chapter 627A   Possession of Firearms by Children
   Chapter 628   Gun Offender Registry
   Chapter 629   Safety and Sanitation
   Chapter 630   Criminal Activity Nuisances
   Chapter 631   Railroads
   Chapter 633   Obstruction Marking and Lighting