573.01   Harbor Boundaries Defined
573.02   Removal of Obstructions in Harbor; Notice; Enforcement
573.03   Retaining Works in the Harbor
573.04   Construction or Repair of Retaining Works Adjoining the Harbor; Notice; Enforcement
573.05   Retaining Works; Specifications
573.06   Prohibition Against Encroachment into Harbor
573.07   Prohibition Against Placing Materials in Harbor
573.08   Prohibition Against Placing Obstructions in Harbor
573.09   Rules and Regulations Concerning the Harbor
573.10   Responsibilities of Abutting Property Owners
573.11   Prohibited Acts in Marginal Water Areas; Permit
573.12   Permit Application
573.13   Mandatory Referral to Planning Commission and Port and Harbor Commission
573.14   Permit Issuance
573.15   Operations by City Exempted
573.16   Regulation of Vessels; Enforcement
573.17   Publication of Ordinances Relating to Bridges; Viaducts
573.18   Harbor Master’s Jurisdiction and Duties
573.19   Unloading or Tying up Without Permission
573.20   Vessel Movement Causing Bridge Damage
573.21   Rules of Road near Bridges
573.22   Liability for Damages
573.23   Obstructing Drawbridges
573.24   Running Vessels against Piers, Bridges or Viaducts
573.25   Ship in Distress Assisted by Other Vessels; Compensation
573.26   Obstructing Harbor
573.27   Housing Anchor; Ship’s Lights
573.28   Reserved
573.29   Reserved
573.30   Dragging Anchor; Markers Locating Pipes, Wires and Cables
573.31   Regulations for Rafts of Timber
573.32   Rafts Obstructing Harbor
573.33   Obstructing Harbor inside Breakwater with Raft
573.34   Anchoring West of Breakwater Entrance
573.35   Blowing Whistle near Bridges
573.36   Working Engines
573.37   Reserved
573.38   Reserved
573.39   Renting Vessels to Persons under Sixteen
573.40   Renting Vessels to Intoxicated Persons
573.41   Unlawful Anchorages
573.42   Obstructing Certain Portions of Harbor
573.43   Blowing Whistles
573.99   Penalty
   Note: The legislative history of this chapter, except where specifically noted at the end of a section, is as follows: Ordinance No. 63410-A, passed September 22, 1924.
   Duties of bridge tenders, CO 577.05
   Littering in lakes, rivers, watercourses, CO 613.09
   Public landings: establishment, use, charges, CO 575.01 et seq.
   Signals and passage through drawbridges, CO 577.07 et seq.
Statutory reference:
   Watercraft and navigation, RC Ch. 1547