§ 573.01  Harbor Boundaries Defined
   The harbor shall consist of that portion of the Cuyahoga River from the Newburg and South Shore Railroad Bridge to the east and west pier lights on the south shore of Lake Erie, the Old River Channel from Channel Park Marina to the channels confluence with the Cuyahoga River at Willow Street, that portion of Lake Erie within the federal breakwater between the western end of the Cleveland Bulk Terminal and the lake approach to the east entrance light on the federal breakwater at approximately East 72nd Street, and the lake approach to the Cuyahoga River from Lake Erie between the east and west pierhead lights on the federal breakwater and the mouth of the river at the south shore of Lake Erie. A map showing the boundaries of the Harbor as described in this section is contained in File No. 1606-11-A.
(Ord. No. 1606-11. Passed 3-19-12, eff. 3-22-12)