§ 573.11  Prohibited Acts in Marginal Water Areas; Permit
   No person shall do any of the following described acts on, in or over any submerged or artificially filled lands made by accretion resulting from artificial encroachments or structures on the water side of the last natural shore line of any privately owned littoral land within the territory covered or formerly covered by the waters of Lake Erie, title to which is in the State, and within the limits of the City as defined in RC 721.04, without first having obtained a permit from the Director of Port Control:
   (a)   Place by dumping or otherwise earth or other material within the part of any such area now submerged or continue in the doing thereof upon any existing fills or places within such area.
   (b)   Erect or deposit any structure or things or by any works change the existing condition of any part of such area submerged or filled.
   (c)   Remove or continue to remove any sand or other earth, material or mineral content from such area.
(Ord. No. 1484-54. Passed 6-21-54, eff. 6-29-54)