§ 573.12  Permit Application
   Before any permit in Section 573.11 is issued, the applicant therefor shall file with the Director of Port Control a written application which sets forth the following:
   (a)   A description of the littoral land in front of which the applicant proposes to operate; the name of the owner of such littoral land and, if the applicant is not the owner, the interest the applicant has therein. Such description shall include a map showing the existing natural shore line of such littoral land or the last natural shore line before any previous filling or construction was done on the water side of such line;
   (b)   A description of what operations are proposed to be done or continued by the applicant on the water side of such last natural shore line and, if the erection of any structure or works is involved, plans thereof, as required by the Building Code or other applicable ordinances.
(Ord. No. 1484-54. Passed 6-21-54, eff. 6-29-54)