§ 573.36  Working Engines
   No vessel, while lying in the harbor or along the wharves or docks of the same, shall work its engine (turn its propeller(s)) in excess of ten (10) minutes previous to leaving the harbor, or moving from one (1) dock to another, without the permission of the Harbor Master; provided, that owners, masters or other persons in charge of new boats just launched, or boats fitting out and desirous of working and testing their engines, shall, before working or testing such engine, station some person in such a place or position so as to signal the engineer to stop such engines at least two hundred (200) feet from an approaching vessel, craft or float. The engine shall be kept from working until the approaching vessel, craft or float has passed the wheel of the new boat, or boat fitting out, a distance of two hundred (200) feet. This section shall not apply to cases of fire. Whoever violates this section shall be liable for any damage to persons or property sustained by reason of such violation.
(Ord. No. 1348-90. Passed 8-23-90, eff. 8-31-90)