§ 573.43  Blowing Whistles
   (a)   No person shall blow or cause to be blown the whistle of any vessel while lying at any wharf in the City of Cleveland, or when approaching or leaving such wharf, or navigating the Cuyahoga River, except when absolutely necessary as a signal of danger or in the cases and under the circumstances prescribed by the rules of navigation, or the laws and regulations of the United States requiring the use of such whistles.
   (b)   The sound signal to request the opening of any bridge in the Cuyahoga is one (1) prolonged blast of four (4) to six (6) seconds duration followed by one (1) short blast of approximately one (1) second duration sounded not more than three (3) seconds after the prolonged blast.
(Ord. No. 1348-90. Passed 8-23-90, eff. 8-31-90)