§ 573.14  Permit Issuance
   Upon the receipt of the approvals required by Section 573.13, the Director of Port Control shall issue to the applicant a permit conforming with and not in derogation of the laws of Ohio applicable thereto and in form approved by the Director of Law, but all such permits shall be considered as temporary in nature pending demand of the site covered thereby for more permanent use in aid of navigation and commerce or other public use to which it is adapted. No such permit shall give the applicant, his or her successor or assignee, any right to occupy or use the area covered by the permit for a period of more than three (3) years, or, in the alternative, be revocable at the will of the Director of Port Control or by action of Council. If the use of the applicant of the area covered by a permit is for commercial purposes of the applicant, the Director of Port Control shall fix a reasonable charge for such use to be paid by the applicant unless the Director considers that the filling or improvements to be done by the applicant which, under the terms of the permit, will become the property of the City or State on termination, will be a reasonable compensation for such use; but no charge shall be required in case a littoral owner or his or her tenant is the applicant and proposes to place in the submerged area, while it remains in its natural state, reasonable facilities for the taking of water for use on such littoral land.
(Ord. No. 1484-54. Passed 6-21-54, eff. 6-29-54)