§ 573.21  Rules of Road near Bridges
   All vessels, when passing through any bridge across the harbor, shall take the right-hand side of the bridge unless otherwise permitted by the bridge tender or other competent authority, and shall be moved as expeditiously as possible, but in no case shall any vessel occupy the draw of any bridge across the harbor, so as to prevent such draw from being either closed or opened, for a period longer than ten (10) minutes. Every person in charge of any vessel desiring to pass with such vessel through any bridge, shall give notice to the bridge tender of his or her intention, allowing a reasonable time for the opening of such bridge. No vessel shall be laid, anchored, moored or made fast, so as to prevent any bridge from being opened or closed speedily; nor shall any line or fastening be run or made fast to any bridge, or to any pile or other timber appertaining to or connected with any bridge.
   As used in this section, “vessel” has the same meaning as in 33 U.S.C. 242.